Services for Humanitarian Mine Action

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Technical Writing

  • Create standing operating procedures for CL/MRE in line with International Mine Action Standards (IMAS) and in cohesion with program activities.

  • Provide impact evaluation of community liaison and risk education projects.

  • Offer technical validation of community liaison and risk reduction materials, protocols, Standing Operating Procedures, or quality assurance.

​Examples of published work:

"Risk Reduction Education”

‘'Humanitarian Impact Evaluation - Battlefield Area Clearance in South Lebanon"

"Best Practice Guide book 6, Community Mine Action Liaison"

Team Support

  • Provide technical support to risk education and community liaison teams.

  • Recruit and train national / international personnel in community liaison and risk reduction education, or training needs analysis of personnel.

Program Support

  • Advise on the integration of Risk Reduction, Community Liaison, development, disability advocacy with explosive ordinance clearance, land reduction or weapons collections program.

  • Provide guidance on how to assess for effective community liaison personnel during recruitment.

  • Offer risk reduction needs assessment through researching culture, language, media, health resources, social structures, key stakeholders, and development partners.

Strategy Support

  • Develop organizational or program community liaison strategy.

  • Technical contribution on risk reduction and community liaison content for grants and proposals.

  • Advise on building, revitalizing or adapting a mine risk reduction campaign or strategy.

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Acclaimed History with Humanitarian

Mine Action

Aneea Pasha-Stamm has worked with the following organizations:

Mines Advisory Group

As a roving Community Liaison Advisor for Angola, Cambodia, Kosovo, Lebanon, Myanmar, South Sudan, Uganda; Risk Education project manager in Basra Iraq; and as program technical support from the UK. 


Geneva International Center for Humanitarian Demining, as a consultant to:

  • Research and write the IMAS guidelines on ‘Community Liaison in Mine Action’.

  • Conducted countrywide assessment with analysis of political and socio-economic data, security and qualitative data, producing an analysis report and presentation with recommendations for strategy by UNICEF Nepal.

  • Re-write the Risk Reduction Education chapter on the international Guide to Cluster Munitions for the Implementation Support Unit to Convention on Cluster Munitions.


Action On Armed Violence

Community Liaison consultant in Liberia to assess and establish a community-based peace-building approach to small arms and Explosive Remnants of War collection program.

Humanity and Inclusion

  • Community Liaison Consultant in Lebanon. Development of Standing Operating Procedures and community liaison support to Battle Area Clearance and disability services.

  • Risk Education Technical Advisor to provide technical, strategic, project start up and operational support for Bosnia, Kenya, Lebanon, Liberia, Nepal, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Sierra Leone, Somaliland, Sudan and Uganda programs.

  • Technical Coordinator  for Afghanistan program, managing technical advisors to deliver quality services to people with disabilities and prevention of disabilities.


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