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Services to International NGOs

Together, we can make a difference.

Program and project management

  • Conduct project needs assessment, monitoring an program evaluation.

  • Develop or adapt a project logical framework.

  • Provide Interim program/ project management or support.

  • Summarize and edit reports from country programs/partners.

Partnership strategy and development

  • Conduct partnership mapping to identify multi sector alignments.

  • Partner coordination to create best practices protocols and guidelines

  • Monitor partner progress and problem solve.

Qualitative action and secondary research

  • Write best practices technical guidelines and step by step protocols.

  • Analyze data and research to guide program strategy.

  • Gather shared learning, guidelines, best practices and resources.


Strategy development

  • Inclusive consultation and focus group facilitation with key stakeholders.

  • Adapt existing program and partnership strategy to crisis and emergency.

  • Analyze secondary organization data to identify opportunities.


All services include a written report and presentations to teams,  executive, committees and partners to present opportunities.

Kula Resilience customizes services to meet the needs of your organization.
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