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Help underserved communities build a resilient path out of poverty.


To support non profits in US and internationally in their strategies to counteract poverty, insecurity and crisis.

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The Columbus Dispatch July 22, 2021

Contact Kula Resilience if your organization needs support in:

  1. Strategy Development and Adjustment

  2. Project / Program Management

  3. Partnership Development

  4. Qualitative and Secondary Research

  5. Communication and Liaison


Guiding principles:

  • Integrity with clarity of communication, documentation, paper trail for decision making and accountability.

  • Active inclusion of clients in the design and decision making of projects of which they are direct beneficiaries, so that it reflects actual need.

  • Use of research to create evidence-based program design. I conduct qualitative research to complement quantitative secondary data for program design, planning and decision making.

  • Active and conscious kindness and tolerance for differences in the workplace and in daily life. A trauma informed approach to interactions with colleagues, clients and general public.

  • Support of genuine and meaningful organizational partnerships towards shared goals for a stronger impact.

  • Management style that emphasizes team collaboration on decision making, problem solving and delivery of services. Learning from colleagues and encouraging shared learning.

In the midst of US racial strife and the pandemic of 2020, I established Kula Resilience LLC. "Kula" is the Sanskrit word for community. My conviction in the ability of communities to build their social resilience against poverty with the proper support comes from 20 + years of international humanitarian service in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and South-East Europe, enabling communities to survive conflict and build back in a post conflict period.

As a child of immigrants to the UK, I was galvanized as a teenager by the Anti Apartheid movement and the Ethiopian famine, and dedicated myself to international humanitarian endeavors. In my first job as a manager of a small community center in rural Kenya   I received recognition as a Young Achiever by Buckingham Palace before forging a distinguished career in the humanitarian mine action sector (explosive ordnance clearance) and other humanitarian sectors. ​



The clearance of explosive ordnance after a conflict requires meaningful liaison with key stakeholders; the complex negotiations precede agreements to pave the way to identify, clear and hand over the cleared land that communities can again use. I became a specialist Community Liaison and Risk Reduction advisor over a 10 year period working with 4 non profits in 20 countries, including direct conflict zones, such as Iraq, Afghanistan, and South Sudan. The experience of multiple cultures and conflict histories provided a framework for me to write the pioneering guideline on ‘Community Liaison in Mine Action’ as part of the mandatory International Mine Action Standards. Humanitarian mine action continues to offer an immediate solutions for communities through a psychological healing, rebuilding economies, security with neighbors, and access to critical facilities.

I went on to work for 5 other international non profits in 4 different countries in the sectors of education, gender based violence, and disability. All of this experience has provided me with valuable skills that are transferable and applicable to communities in any setting:  swift problem solving, community engagement, stringent accountability in decision making and protocols, countrywide needs analysis, program partnership building, coordinating technical working groups and outreach, communications and public speaking. 



It has been quite a ride.


When my husband, a US diplomat, retired in 2017 I moved with him to Ohio where I have worked as Director of Programs for a non-profit that delivers holistic career development for women. Then 2020 happened just when I thought the wild rides were finally over. With the world in grip of adapting to and learning from the COVID 19 pandemic and the social/ political polarization, I offer a unique experience-based leadership for non profits through periods of crisis, post crisis, stagnation and adaptation. In doing so, I continue to empower underserved populations in their resilience against poverty and achieve practical steps towards peace and progress.

Kula Resilience customizes services to meet the needs of your organization.
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